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Pet Wellness Care

We put the health of your pet as our first concern.
Noble West Animal Hospital is proud to offer Pet Wellness Plans.

Pet Wellness Care

When you bring your pet in for wellness care at Noble West, they’ll receive comprehensive service that includes more than just a thorough examination. We look your pet over from nose to tail and check its respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and musculoskeletal systems. This is in addition to discussing their overall health. Sometimes we may be alerted to possible underlying conditions during pet wellness care. Plus, we always talk about preventative measures like microchipping and controlling fleas and ticks. Our wellness services, such as vaccinations, diagnostic tests, and imaging, are available for pets in Noblesville and surrounding areas.

Discussing Your Pet’s Health

Yearly pet wellness care is the perfect time to discuss any changes you’ve seen in your furry friend and talk about any other veterinary services. After we check vitals, we may run lab work if we notice unusual health changes. We may need to run diagnostics to pinpoint what may be ailing your loved one, or we may need to administer routine vaccinations. Whatever the case may be, we’ll surely discuss your pet’s diet, exercise, and whether they’re being protected from parasites like heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

Some of the things we may discuss during pet wellness include:

  • Your pet’s teeth and gums, including their overall oral health
  • Your pet’s skin, fur, and ears, including possible allergies
  • How much is your pet exercising and eating
  • Easy ways to administer medication at home
  • Nervous licking or chewing in certain areas
  • Parasite infection, if indicated by the fecal examination

Keep in mind senior pets should have wellness exams bi-annually. Any pet over eight years old is more likely to develop troublesome medical conditions more rapidly than adult pets.

Wellness Care and Microchipping

Pet microchipping dramatically increases the chances your fur-baby will be returned to you should they become lost. Your pet’s wellness care visit is the perfect time to get this quick, easy procedure done for your companion. Animals become lost for a variety of reasons, and microchipping is important to do even if your pet only stays indoors. It only takes a moment for them to slip through a cracked door. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice, is painlessly inserted right below your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades, and connects them to an extensive electronic database. If the unexpected happens, rescue workers and veterinarians can scan the microchip and find your contact information in the database. I.D. tags fall off. Have peace of mind by microchipping your companion at their next wellness visit. Please contact us for any more information about pet microchipping or pet wellness at Noble West Animal Hospital.

To make an appointment, call us at 317-218-3731 or fill out the appointment request form.

Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Noble West Animal Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.