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Pet House Calls

We can bring our highly skilled team and medical knowledge right to your home with house calls.

Pet House Calls

Every pet owner knows that sometimes our pets do not want to go to the veterinarian’s office for an appointment. Animals sometimes seem to sense when getting into the car means that it is time for a checkup, and the struggle can begin right then. For these pets, Noble West has now started to offer house calls! Imagine how much easier it will be when we can show up at your door and take care of all your pet’s needs without ever having to come to the office.

When to Consider a House Call

There are a wide variety of times that you may want to consider using our house call services. Sometimes, pet owners will know in advance that their pet doesn’t want to get in the car to come to our offices. For these pet owners, scheduling our services in advance can help ensure that your pet receives the regular medical attention that they need.

At other times, pets simply do not feel good. It can be difficult or even impossible to get a large sick dog to climb into your vehicle to make the trip to the office. This does not even consider having them get out of the office and then having to repeat the entire process when the appointment is over. For sick pets, it can often be a great option to allow them to continue resting while we come to you.

There are some additional considerations that can help to add even more benefits to the house call. When a pet comes into our office, they can often be stressed or out of their own element. They may act much differently than they do at home. House calls can help our staff observe your animal in its normal environment, and this can help to identify specific conditions that you may have noticed but do not present in the office setting.

Additionally, if you have more than one pet, you may want to consider scheduling a house call where we can see all of the animals at the same time. This can help with the stress of having to load and unload multiple animals or sometimes even make separate trips.

Another example of a great reason to consider house calls is to eliminate aggressive behavior from your animal or others. Sometimes animals do not get along or feel territorial when they are in a new environment. Scheduling an appointment at home can eliminate the issue altogether.

Finally, sometimes, when it is time to help put an end to unnecessary suffering for a pet, the home environment can be the best approach. You do not have to force your pet to go to a new location, but instead, keep them surrounded in their own surroundings with all of the love that you provide. Determining when it is the right time can always be difficult, but ensuring that everything goes smoothly for your animal can offer some additional reassurance.

When to Come to the Office

Of course, not every situation should be cared for in the home. We cannot bring all of the specific tools that are housed in the office on every call. If your pet has a special need for diagnostic testing, it may be best to schedule an appointment and come into the office. Additionally, we prioritize pets that are located in the office first. This means if you absolutely need to see somebody today, your best chance is to come into the office to be seen by our talented staff.


Being able to come and see your pet at your home offers some huge benefits for some pet owners. We conduct house calls on Wednesdays between 9-4. While we can sometimes see the pet the same day, calling in advance to schedule an appointment can ensure your pet gets the care they deserve.

To make an appointment, call us at 317-218-3731 or fill out the appointment request form.

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